Comics on the iPad

Foxtrot‘s Bill Amend offers his take on the current brouhaha about comics on the iPad. Not really original (that nail’s been hit quite extensively by now), but funny nevertheless. Click the image above for the full strip (don’t click if you see the joke coming a mile away…).

(illustration © 2010 Bill Amend)

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3 Responses to Comics on the iPad

  1. billy says:

    I love your blog

  2. Do you think the i-pad will over take the kindle. As I know apple they will try their best to pass kindle. What do you think? Please reply. Thanks

  3. I was talking a look at the ipad on some website and I noticed that the Applecare section for the ipad only said it runs for 2 years. Does anyone know why is not lasting 3 years like every other Apple product? Ok, well the iphone/ipods now says it is 2 years too on the Applecare. When did they all change to 2 years and not 3?

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