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Goodbye, Kees

I just got news that legendary comics collector, dealer, antiquarian and general nice guy Kees Kousemaker passed away yesterday.  I met him only once, but he made me feel as if we had known each other all our lives, and … Continue reading

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Tom Gauld Fights The Giant Monsters

Clearly writing stories is no walk in the park, if Tom Gauld is to be believed. (from Neil Gaiman’s blog)

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Chris Ware’s Social Criticism

Chris Ware hits them where it hurts in his (rejected) cover to this year’s Fortune 500.  Nice. (via Joyville)

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Real life black hole

As if Charles Burns’ characters in Black Hole weren’t horrific enough,  photographer Max Oppenheim and prosthetic artist Bill Turpin decided to bring them to life.  Ugh. (via What The Cool, which has more)

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Word Balloons – The manual

Dan Piraro solves the mystery of how to use your word balloons.  Thanks Dan ! Indicentally, I liked his account of how people started interpreting this cartoon in a much broader sense than he had originally intended.

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Clowes has his own bag now !

Strand tote bags are not just for Seth and R. Sikoryak anymore : Dan Clowes has his own bag now, and it’s a beauty !

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Kawai Love

My favourite comic blogger of the moment, Romain Ronzeau (yes, he even surpasses Boulet at times, but only this much) just published this cute love story that for once is also readable for people who normally don’t get what the … Continue reading

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Oh Brother

Via CartoonSNAP I came across this brand new and extremely enjoyable cartoon by none other Bob Weber Jr. And Jay Stephens (The Man Of Nod).   More strips can be found on Bob’s Facebook page (but you’ll need to be logged … Continue reading

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Max a la Musique

Clear line surrealist wizard Max created this poster for the tenth edition of the Musica Contada festival.  I would have sworn this was by Swarte. (via Klare Lijn International, which has more music-related Max goodness)

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It’s the real Alan Moore — or is it ?

In 1984, John Freeman and Matt Bingham started their fanzine, Scan, as a self-confessed poke in the eye at the UK comics community.  In their first issue, they included a fake letter by Alan Moore, but the second issue contained … Continue reading

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