You don’t need pictures ?

For as long as the Kindle has been around, there’s been discussion about its merits when it comes to using it to read digital comics.  And in the mean time, the iPad’s full color display and variety of comics-reading apps seems to have raised the bar even a little higher.  That’s why I don’t get this ad : is it implying that you don’t need pictures to get the  story ?  Or are comics still only a dumbed-down version of real literature ?  Discuss…

(via Ads of the World)

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  1. I like this ad’s graphics–sort of meta-pop. The speech and thought balloons place cartoons and comics in the literary tradition (Crumb’s “Genesis”?). The different cartoon boxes with their different colors (color fields?) are a sophisticated rendering of content without the clutter of specifics. The graphic content can be as high or low as you want. But I think the ad is aiming for high. The ad is too formal for a literary dumbing down interpretation of comics. It’s nearly a work of art in itself.

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