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Old Men on Skateboards – literally

Mark Conahan of Hopeless Old Men On Skateboards doing some actual skateboards for Bacon – how more appropriate can merchandising be ?  And he’s throwing in a minizine about it to boot. Way !

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Defective Comics

Look at this great poster for a panel that Ben Towle and Craig Fisher are doing another of our mega-panels at HeroesCon this year.  To quote the official byline : the event will include a presentation by Towle on the … Continue reading

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Numskull Superman Remix

I like the way Australian street artist Numskull combines fragments from popular culture clichés to create new visuals and slogans which always contain at least the possibility of a new, more poetic meaning. (via Ffffound!)

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Brunetti livens up the New Yorker

This week’s New Yorker Magazine is graced with a wonderful cover illustration by Ivan Brunetti.   As always, there’s just too much to look at (compare) ! (illustration © 2010 Condé Nast Digital)

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More superpowers

ComicsDC‘s Mike Rhode spotted this ad for fruit juice that’s supposed to work as a superpower.  With cape and all !

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New story ad

It would seem that the cartoon story ad, which was quite prevalent in the 1940’s and 50’s, is still going strong.  This ad appeared in DC Universe Legacies, DC’s latest attempt at giving new readers at least some information necessary … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Herge

Georges Rémi (22 May 1907 – 3 March 1983) would have been 103 today.  Let’s celebrate by reading our favorite Tintin.  I know what mine will be…

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Ware for, and Lemire for MCAF !

Chris Ware designed the poster for this weekend’s festival in Kopenhagen.  Oh how I wish I could be there, or at least have a bigger resolution image of this beauty).  Meanwhile, Jeff Lemire did a no less poignant design … Continue reading

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Superheroes are cool !

Judging from these arbitrary recent blog posts, you’d think that superheroes are continuing their never-ending comeback as epitomes of cool.  Earlier this week, Taco Bell (above) launched their Super Delicious Ingredient Force, a group of unlikely superheroes, battling the Cruddy … Continue reading

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And the parents, they worry

About ten years ago, I’d have identified with the protagonist in this illustration by Dan Clowes for this week’s edition of the New Yorker Magazine  These days, however, I find myself looking through the door, and worrying… (Illustration © 2010 … Continue reading

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