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Crime Does Not Pay

The Center For Urban Pedagogy has published a I Got Arrested, Now What ?, a “guide to the juvenile justice system”.  It’s a brochure-cum-poster in comic format aimed at informing kids who get involved with the law for the first … Continue reading

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Mattotti’s Soccer Comics

Even though it’s not shown up on my radar so far, I think I may chime in with the current World Cup domination of the world’s media.  , Apparently, Italian cartoonist and visual artist Lorenzo Mattotti wrote and drew a … Continue reading

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Jochen Gerner Paints Glaciers

Thanks to Tom Gauld’s Twitter feed (and with a little help of Jean-Marc Van Tol‘s), we now have a quite comprehensive overview of Jochen Gerner‘s Panorama Du Froid paintings, which he creates by painting glaciers on tourist postcards. (artwork © … Continue reading

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Swarte On Display

The Musée Hergé in Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium is the host to a grand exhibition of the works of Dutch ligne claire virtuoso Joost Swarte.  The excellent Klare Lijn International blog (an authority on all things ligne claire) provided us with this … Continue reading

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Holy Metaphor Inferno

Look at this ad !  It wants to tell you this phone’s battery life allows you to talk a lot more.  And for that it uses a word balloon !  No, it’s a book !  No, as a matter of … Continue reading

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The Spirit of Concrete

Concrete creator Paul Chadwick goes all Spirit in this splash page for a new Concrete story (one of three new stories in the works). I must admit, I had lost sight of Paul and his work amidst all the new, … Continue reading

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Tintin Tribute

Comic Twart is doing a Tintin Tribute this week, and Francesco Francavilla chose to linger in the pensive mood of his Al Williamson tribute of last week to come up with this great, moody, black & white piece.  It’s so … Continue reading

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