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Crime Does Not Pay

The Center For Urban Pedagogy has published a I Got Arrested, Now What ?, a “guide to the juvenile justice system”.  It’s a brochure-cum-poster in comic format aimed at informing kids who get involved with the law for the first … Continue reading

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Mattotti’s Soccer Comics

Even though it’s not shown up on my radar so far, I think I may chime in with the current World Cup domination of the world’s media.  , Apparently, Italian cartoonist and visual artist Lorenzo Mattotti wrote and drew a … Continue reading

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Jochen Gerner Paints Glaciers

Thanks to Tom Gauld’s Twitter feed (and with a little help of Jean-Marc Van Tol‘s), we now have a quite comprehensive overview of Jochen Gerner‘s Panorama Du Froid paintings, which he creates by painting glaciers on tourist postcards. (artwork © … Continue reading

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Swarte On Display

The Musée Hergé in Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium is the host to a grand exhibition of the works of Dutch ligne claire virtuoso Joost Swarte.  The excellent Klare Lijn International blog (an authority on all things ligne claire) provided us with this … Continue reading

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Holy Metaphor Inferno

Look at this ad !  It wants to tell you this phone’s battery life allows you to talk a lot more.  And for that it uses a word balloon !  No, it’s a book !  No, as a matter of … Continue reading

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The Spirit of Concrete

Concrete creator Paul Chadwick goes all Spirit in this splash page for a new Concrete story (one of three new stories in the works). I must admit, I had lost sight of Paul and his work amidst all the new, … Continue reading

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Tintin Tribute

Comic Twart is doing a Tintin Tribute this week, and Francesco Francavilla chose to linger in the pensive mood of his Al Williamson tribute of last week to come up with this great, moody, black & white piece.  It’s so … Continue reading

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The Lore Of The Things

There’s not a lot to be said as yet about The Lore Of the Things, the new online comic by the Etherington Bros, but with only 7 days to go to the big kick-off, things are heating up ! (via … Continue reading

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Ever’s Annual Crime

Every year, Ever Meulen returns to Humo, the weekly media magazine where he learned the trade and was able to develop his destinctive style, to do the cover illustration for the Summer Of Crime supplement.  This extra section lists the … Continue reading

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Green Hornet trailer

Don’t know a lot about the Green Hornet, but this looks like the kind of movie that an Adam West Batman movie could have been.  I think I like it, even though the traffic cam joke was nicked from Johnny … Continue reading

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