Jon McNaught

Kevin Huizenga rarely sheds a light on the things he likes or the artists he admires, so when he does, you pay attention.  On his blog earlier today, he pointed towards Birchfield Close, the new book by Jon McNaught, published by nobrow.  The book is yet another one of those publisher’s little gems that you just want to protect from the outside world.  From what I’ve seen, it’s a beautifully poetic sublimation of suburban ennui, with exquisitely stylised art.

On McNaught’s site and blog, I found two more excerpts from the book (after the click), along with equally beautiful short strips and prints.  And links to other great artists I didn’t know, like Rob Hunter, Jamie Lewis and Frea Buckler.  One good thing always leads to a myriad of others…

(artwork © Jon McNaught)

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