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KomiksDK 2010 (c) Chris Ware

Dutch publisher and purveyor of fine collector’s items, Griffioen Grafiek, just posted their newsletter for the summer, and there’s a lot of goodies to be found for the lovers of fine comic art.  One is a cyclee print of a page by Chris Ware (taken from Building Stories, if I’m not mistaken, printed on only 99 copies (signed and numbered, € 125).  The other one is a silkscreen print by Charles Burns, taken from the extra art created for the Black Hole series (175 copies, signed and numbered, € 50). I’m including scans of both prints after the click.

The most interesting item, though, is  a signed and numbered edition of the poster Ware did for this year’s KomiksDK festival, on heavy paper.  Griffioen was able to buy 125 copies, and is offering them in a signed and numbered edition for € 75 (above).  Thanks to Arthur Griffioen, the image linked above may well be the most readable digital version of the poster I’ve seen online.

Check out Griffioen’s news page for other most interesting items by nearly everybody who’s anything in contemporary cartooning !

Building Stories (c) Chris Ware

Girl & Sandwich (c) Charles Burns

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