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Morgan Spurlock needs your help

We received this urgent call from Morgan Spurlock’s production company.  If this is for you, get in touch.  And if you make it in the movie, let us know…

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The Ladies’ Smurfs

Belgian fashion designer Murielle Scherre just wrote the business manifest for her La Fille d’O lingerie brand on her blog, not as a Powerpoint or a boring PDF, but rather as a slideshow of Smurf images and deep truths.  Now … Continue reading

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The Walrus Picks The Sethest

In March, readers of the Canadian journal, The Walrus, were asked to vote for the the magazine’s annual reading issue’s cover.  Equally Canadian illustrator and cartoonist extra-ordinaire Seth had designed two options, one with a Goth girl and one with … Continue reading

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Smurfs trailer

I don’t know.  It feels like they took something from my youth and got all Frankenstein on its ass.

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Chris Ware Extra

Presspop announced a new Japanese Jimmy Corrigan edition a couple of weeks ago, which comes as three volumes in a slipcase.  The slipcase itself features a new short strop that Ware created especially for this edition. (via Someware, via Entrecomics, … Continue reading

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Dan Clowes Boredom Game

I’m not sure whether this game is meant to releave boredom or to make you aware of the fact that you are, well, bored ? (via Fuck Yeah Daniel Clowes)

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News from Griffioen

Dutch publisher and purveyor of fine collector’s items, Griffioen Grafiek, just posted their newsletter for the summer, and there’s a lot of goodies to be found for the lovers of fine comic art.  One is a cyclee print of a … Continue reading

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Dear Julia, Dear Milow

Above is the short movie that the Belgian movie maker Isaac Gozin made in 2003, based on Brian Biggs‘ graphic novel, Dear Julia.  Now, compare this to the clip below, the official music video for The Ride, by Belgian singer-songwriter … Continue reading

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Beer and comics

This great ad for Kronenbourg beer appeared in the Lyon BD festival’s brochure.  If anybody knows who made it, please tell me.

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Jon McNaught

Kevin Huizenga rarely sheds a light on the things he likes or the artists he admires, so when he does, you pay attention.  On his blog earlier today, he pointed towards Birchfield Close, the new book by Jon McNaught, published … Continue reading

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