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Eat fish, get dillusional

According to this ad for canned fish, when you eat it, you think you’re Superman (or Popeye).  Just don’t go jumping of buildings yet, I’d say. (via Ads of the World)

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Tomine Covers The New Yorker

If the Adrian Tomine News blog can publish Tomine’s new New Yorker cover, I guess it’s all-right for us to do so, too.  After all, it’s a magnificent cover.

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The Actual Wild Kingdom

As Kevin Huizinga confirms on his website, this is the actual cover of his new book, for sale everywhere.

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Sometimes you come across a T-shirt that really makes sense, such as this one from Threadless. (Thanks, Barbara)

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Ever Meulen Does Werchter

Every year at the beginning of July, when Humo Magazine sponsors/presents the 4-day Rock Werchter music festival, it also includes an insert in the issue of that week with information, interviews and news about the festival and its artists. And … Continue reading

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New Seth story in CNQ

The Canadian literary magazine, Canadian Notes And Queries, sports a cover by equally Canadian cartoonist Seth.  Inside Seth also did a 2-page short story.  Check out the Klare Lijn International site for more.

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Comics in real time

Narrated time is slowed down in these strips for Sofia Express instant meals, which are ready faster than you think. (illustrations by Paula Bossio,  via I Believe in Advertising)

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Not in my country

Cartoonist-journalist Joe Sacco, famed for essayistic comics like Safe Area Goražde or Palestine, has a short story in this weekend’s Guardian newspaper.  Not In My Country deals with the way the island of Malta deals with the influx of African … Continue reading

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Still Moving

Together with dance company Pilobolus, cartoonist Art Spiegelman created  Hapless Hooligan in ‘Still Moving’, a dance performance featuring the tragicomic tale of Hap and Lulu, separated in life and reunited after death. Backed by a score made of early jazz … Continue reading

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Huey, Dewey, Louie and… ?

I was cleaning up my kids’ room when I found this issue of the Dutch Donald Duck magazine of two years back.  I immediately noticed something strange.  Just count the number of ice cream scoops Donald has on his head, … Continue reading

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