Word balloons galore

While we were away, some new ad campaigns popped up on the blogosphere featuring word balloons.  Regulars of this blog know that we have a soft spot for those, even if they are slightly problematic, like the one above (by The Martin Agency for the JFK Library).  I’m not really sure whether politicians like JFK would like their words to be behind some high-tech scramble gizmo.  Also, I don’t really see the added value of hotspots like these over plain old urls (save the possibility for marketeers to accurately track how many people actually flashed them).

On the other hand, these ads by Leo Burnett Portugal for MTV Portugal are quite intruiging.  I like the artwork, which is adequately cartoony and yet quite stylish, and the use of the word balloons is also very efficient.

Finally, this campaign for Listerine mouthwash is brilliant in its simplicity and execution.  The only thing I’m not sure about is whether the shape of the word balloon contributes to the message…

(Ads via Ads Of The World, I Believe In Advertising and again Ads Of The World, respectively)

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