All view hoodies

You never need to worry about showing your good side, as with these All View Hoodies from Bioworld Merchandising, you’ll always look super.  They’re available from the Big Bad Toy Store. I think the Batman version works the best – I dig that 70’s look : just after the zaniness that accompanied the TV series, and just before Bats got all moody and grim.

(via ElecticBox, who got it from Blog de Brinquedo, who in turn has quite a thing with popular culture hoodies…)

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3 Responses to All view hoodies

  1. Digits says:

    actually like these Hoodies. I’d like to put them on my website in the comics and games section.

  2. Sarai says:

    Actually I think they are pretty hilarious. I could do with having the bat on either side of me 🙂

  3. Mike Rhode says:

    That’s just disturbing.

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