Wonders of the Jordaan

In february of this year Dutch graphical wizard Joost Swarte created a special building in the Willemsstraat in Amsterdam, simply called the Joost Swarte Huis.   Swarte took care of all the details, including kitchen, bathroom and a special work of art in the stairwell.

As is ofthen the case with Swarte’s artwork, the illustrations he created for this piece have also been published as a set of postcards.  the set, Parels van de Jordaan (Pearls from the ‘Jordaan’, after the Amsterdam neighborhood where the house is situated), by Black Olive Press, who also did his Reading is addictive series.

The sets  are quite reasonably priced (only 5 Euros) and they’re available from Black Olive’s website (which is predominantly in Dutch).

(artwork © Joost Swarte)

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  1. Mike Rhode says:

    Ooooh, can you get me a set?

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