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JLA gets married

I don’t know whether this is the geekiest or the coolest wedding ever. And it’s real. (photo © Hoffer Photography, via epicponyz)

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Superheroes need to eat.

Hormel gives superparents advice on what to feed their superbrats.  One thing is certain : superheroes wear their underwear over their clothes.  And have an appropriate cape.  Goggles and helmet are optional, I guess. (thanks, Mike)

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Race Revell goes political

in the 1960’s, toy kit producer Revell ran a series of ads in British comic magazines featuring the tough and stury racing hero, Race Revell.  It’s quite remarkable how these were introduced as actual comics, presented by Revell, rather than … Continue reading

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Money, honey ?

The October 11 issue of the New Yorker magazine features a wonderful cover by Chris Ware, which leads on to an exclusive 2 page strip inside.  I’m always amazed how Ware manages to add levels of meaning, making his work … Continue reading

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