Niemann for Google

Christoph Niemann has provided the illustrations to 20 Things I Learned About Browsers And The Web, an online book that Google produced to make the average user more knowledgeable about what makes up the internet, and to spread awareness about internet-related issues (such as viruses, piracy, etc.).

It’s a very lovely book, presented in an almost cute way, and Christoph’s illustrations, which evden include tiny animations, greatly add to that.  It is clearly conceived as an online experience, but for those who would rather leaf through it in a more traditional way, a PDF version is available as well.

(illustrations © Christoph Niemann)

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2 Responses to Niemann for Google

  1. Mike Rhode says:

    Neimann is just great. I hope all Ephemerist readers have been reading his blog in the NY Times.

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