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Happy New Year !

What better way to start off the new year with a seasonal cartoon by Luc Cromheecke, featuring our all-time favourite alien, Plunk ? (cartoon © Luc Cromheecke)

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Completely insane

Vans is supposed to have created launched these Crumb-themed sneakers.  And for once, the design is completely accurate. (via Blog de Cómics, where there’s more)

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The Olympic Smurfs

Since I haven’ been posting a lot lately, and because it’s Christmas after all, here’s a bit of a treat.  In 1980, the Smurfs were the official mascot for the Belgian Olympic team for the Moscow Summer Olympics.  On that … Continue reading

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Black Hole, the movie

In 2007, Rupert Sanders, award-winning director of advertising shorts and currently working on Snow White And The Huntsman, created a short film based on Charles Burns’ graphic novel, Black Hole.  The film recently got quite some attention after Slashfilm featured … Continue reading

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My Chemical Comics

In the January, 2011 issue of UK music monthly Rock Sound, a huge poster is included of hipster rock band My Chemical Romance, as drawn by artist Becky Cloonan.  There’s supposed to be a comic book in the making by … Continue reading

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Jon McNaught in 2050

For the December, 2010 issue of the Oxford American magazine, British cartoonist genius Jon McNaught created a strip with his predictions of what life will be like in forty years’ time. I am consistently in awe of McNaugh’s creations, and … Continue reading

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Cartoonists Tic-tac-toe

The genius that is Matt Madden has come up with a new Oubapo-style game, in which two cartoonists make a ten-panel strip in true tic-tac-toe fashion.  He tried it out with Tom Hart, and I’m quite intrigued by the result. … Continue reading

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