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Happy New Year !

What better way to start off the new year with a seasonal cartoon by Luc Cromheecke, featuring our all-time favourite alien, Plunk ? (cartoon © Luc Cromheecke)

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Completely insane

Vans is supposed to have created launched these Crumb-themed sneakers.  And for once, the design is completely accurate. (via Blog de Cómics, where there’s more)

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The Olympic Smurfs

Since I haven’ been posting a lot lately, and because it’s Christmas after all, here’s a bit of a treat.  In 1980, the Smurfs were the official mascot for the Belgian Olympic team for the Moscow Summer Olympics.  On that … Continue reading

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Black Hole, the movie

In 2007, Rupert Sanders, award-winning director of advertising shorts and currently working on Snow White And The Huntsman, created a short film based on Charles Burns’ graphic novel, Black Hole.  The film recently got quite some attention after Slashfilm featured … Continue reading

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My Chemical Comics

In the January, 2011 issue of UK music monthly Rock Sound, a huge poster is included of hipster rock band My Chemical Romance, as drawn by artist Becky Cloonan.  There’s supposed to be a comic book in the making by … Continue reading

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Jon McNaught in 2050

For the December, 2010 issue of the Oxford American magazine, British cartoonist genius Jon McNaught created a strip with his predictions of what life will be like in forty years’ time. I am consistently in awe of McNaugh’s creations, and … Continue reading

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Cartoonists Tic-tac-toe

The genius that is Matt Madden has come up with a new Oubapo-style game, in which two cartoonists make a ten-panel strip in true tic-tac-toe fashion.  He tried it out with Tom Hart, and I’m quite intrigued by the result. … Continue reading

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Seth for CNQ, again

As he did for issue #79, Seth created a beautiful cover for issue #80 of Canadian Notes And Queries.  It’s good to know there is a slow but steady stream of Seth stuff in the world. (via Comics Comics)

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The Comic Strip Hero

This BBC documentary was aired in 1981 as part of their Arena series of documentary films.  Read on for more parts, featuring Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, but also Will Eisner, Trina Robbins and others.

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Davis Cup with Enki Bilal

With the Davis Cup final being played this weekend between France and Serbia, the French sports daily L’Equipe asked Serbian-born cartoonist and filmmaker Enki Bilal to provide a fitting front page for their issue on friday. (via BoDoï)

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