Season’s greetings from Peter Van Dongen

Dutch clear line wizard Peter Van Dongen recentely posted this beautiful illustration on his Facebook page.   When I asked whether I could post it here, he gave me this background on the image :

The illustration was created for Galerie Champaka, for their current expo Wintertime.  Ten years ago I had started pencilling it, in a different setting, different subject.  Never finished it.  Finally got around to finishing it, modified to suit the winter conditions.  The building is the Old Rai, which used to be in the Ferdinand Bol Street, but was demolished in 1976.

Thanks for this great image, Peter.  And I can confirm that the Champaka exhibit is indeed well worth a visit.

(Illustration © Peter Van Dongen.  Reproduced with permission)

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    Thank you for this wonderful article:)

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