Lennon Covered

The concept of John Lennon’s works being covered may not be that earth-shattering, but this is a special case.  As part of Robert Goodin’s consistently excellent Covered project, which features cartoonists and illustrators reenvisioning classic comic covers, Mike Loveland did a new version of the cover to Lennon’s never-published satirical magazine, The Daily Howl.

I like the way Loveland clearly interprets one of the characters as a Lennon self-portrait, and that he also inserts some nice Lennon inside jokes (such as the Winston O’Boogie reference, and the number 9).  Great stuff !

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2 Responses to Lennon Covered

  1. Hi, I just wanted to thank you for the kind words about my Lennon cover, it really sucked to only get one comment on Covered, so this more than made up for my disappointment. I am also please you got the Lennon as on pf the characters, I tried to make it clear enough, but not draw too much attention to it, So that was awesome that you got it.

    thanks for this blog too, I am now a reader as it’s in my Pulse app on my iPad. Keep it up!

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