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European cosplay

Mattias “Inks” Adolfsson, illustrator extraordinaire, freewheels on the concept of European comics cosplay.  I’d love to see some Cortos, Lucky Lukes or Lanfeusts on European comic festival ! (Illustration © Mattias Adolfsson)

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Sex is no accident

MTV Germany tries to promote safe sex practices with a series of quite funny comic strip ads which wouldn’t have been out of place in 60’s “gentleman’s magazines”…  Artwork for these ads was provided by Gary Davidson. (via Adfreak, which … Continue reading

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You’re in existential doubt, Charlie Brown

Remember Garfield Minus Garfield or Calvin Without Hobbes, and how removing one element from a popular strip suddenly added a whole layer of existential angst ?  Well, here is the nec plus ultra of the genre, and it’s even more … Continue reading

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Balloons lie

These two campaigns both feature word balloons with pictural elements, and both seem to imply that exaggeration, inaccuracy and the like.  Ah, the trustworthiness of black-on-white text ! Campaigns by Gitam BBDO from Tel Aviv, Israel (with illustrations by Myriam … Continue reading

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Sweat builds bombers, scares away husbands

Hey, women, all that war effort is fine and dandy, but don’t forget that your main goal in life is to find a man ! (From Vintage Ads)

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Tiny Spider-Man

This Spider-man street art piece is excellent.  Tiny, but (or therefore) excellent. (From Reddit)

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Excel Batman

You, Sir, have too much time on your hands.  Love the filename, though. (via 9Gag)

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More vintage Tintin posters

Avrakadabra linked to my earlier post featuring a vintage Tintin movie poster, and even found some other examples from Denmark that I even like more – the way they bridge the gap between the original comics and the photography from … Continue reading

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Do trees dream of wooden tables ?

If this ad for Rolf Benz is to be believed, trees do indeed dream, and they’d rather be a designer table than a place for dogs to lift their legs to.  These visuals are from a campaign by Serviceplan from … Continue reading

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Accidental ballooning

Thanks to the wonderful people of Reddit, I came across these hilarious examples of what the use of though balloons in advertisments can lead to.

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