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Like a true Metropolis girl

Here’s (part of) how a real Lois Lane would handle that pesky Superman.  From Kate Beaton’s mega-splendid Hark, A Vagrant.  Read that !

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Sikoryak does Robinson

This week’s issue of the New Yorker magazine features this swell portrait of seminal Batman cartoonist Jerry Robinson by R. Sikoryak. I first thought it was a Floc’h piece, but Mr. S fooled me again. (also via Drawn & Quarterly)

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Tailor to the stars

If you want a real-life costume to match your DC Universe Online garb, head to Mr Lee’s store in Madrid, where bespoke super-suits are made to order.   A real-life Edna Mode, so to speak, but without the Spandex. (via Ads … Continue reading

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April Frenzy

A lovely vintage strip-like poem by Fred G. Cooper, from Life Magazine (April 1st, 1926), as presented by Filboyd Studge.

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Happy Easter

What better way to celebrate Easter than this Bizarro cartoon, which literally has everything.  So don’t ask me to enumerate. (cartoon © Dan Piraro Distributed by King Features Syndicate)

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Another Fan !

Remember this ?  Here’s another one, this time by mister_jangojim. (as featured on Drawn)

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I just love the proto-comic work of French illustrator Benjamin Rabier, and so I was quite excited to see that Agence Eureka posted a complete scan of a book I hadn’t heard of : Rabougri, Chat de Gouttiere.  Lovely stuff … Continue reading

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The Realist Right to Left

With this strip from Asaf Hanuka’s fabulous The Realist, I realised that it’s not just Japanese comics that present orientation issues when you translate them.  The original version of Hanuka’s strips are in hebrew, which is read right-to-left.  If you … Continue reading

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Too Fast For Superman

The bandwidth that Israeli broadband company Bezeq offer, is too fast for Superman to compete, or that’s what this ad would like us to believe.  Which reminded me of the sad fact that to the world at large, Superman is … Continue reading

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Ah, Brecht !

Pascal Girard was at MoCCA last weekend, and became totally infatuated with Flemish Young God Brecht Evens (as is everybody).  See his report at the new Comics Journal. (via Tom)

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