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Like a true Metropolis girl

Here’s (part of) how a real Lois Lane would handle that pesky Superman.  From Kate Beaton’s mega-splendid Hark, A Vagrant.  Read that !

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Sikoryak does Robinson

This week’s issue of the New Yorker magazine features this swell portrait of seminal Batman cartoonist Jerry Robinson by R. Sikoryak. I first thought it was a Floc’h piece, but Mr. S fooled me again. (also via Drawn & Quarterly)

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Tailor to the stars

If you want a real-life costume to match your DC Universe Online garb, head to Mr Lee’s store in Madrid, where bespoke super-suits are made to order.   A real-life Edna Mode, so to speak, but without the Spandex. (via Ads … Continue reading

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April Frenzy

A lovely vintage strip-like poem by Fred G. Cooper, from Life Magazine (April 1st, 1926), as presented by Filboyd Studge.

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Happy Easter

What better way to celebrate Easter than this Bizarro cartoon, which literally has everything.  So don’t ask me to enumerate. (cartoon © Dan Piraro Distributed by King Features Syndicate)

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Another Fan !

Remember this ?  Here’s another one, this time by mister_jangojim. (as featured on Drawn)

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I just love the proto-comic work of French illustrator Benjamin Rabier, and so I was quite excited to see that Agence Eureka posted a complete scan of a book I hadn’t heard of : Rabougri, Chat de Gouttiere.  Lovely stuff … Continue reading

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