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Baeken in Lambiek

Flemish illustrator and cartoonist Serge Baeken will be signing his work in the legendary comics store Lambiek in Amsterdam.  And so, he drew himself signing, well, in Lambiek. (artwork © Serge Baeken, from his Facebook page)

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Batman and Robin, literally

Well, almost literally (spot the flaw).  You can buy this on a T-shirt from Snorgtees. (via Reddit)

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Great cartoon art in advertising

These two examples of great cartoon art were presented on I believe In Advertising and Ads of the World, respectively.  I particularly enjoy the zany literalness of the first ad’s premise (“Who’s in hot water, then”), but also the where’s-wally … Continue reading

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Avengers Assemble!

If you think the current series of Marvel movies are a bit too serious, or if you’d rather not wait for the official Avengers movie, here’s something to keep you busy : Avengers Assemble, a series of quite funny shorts … Continue reading

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No Screwing Up So Far

Hot on the heels of the new Tintin posters, here’s the first trailer for Secret of the Unicorn, with actual footage.  From what I can see, there’s no screwing up so far.  I would have liked Tintin to speak French … Continue reading

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Please don’t screw this up

If this poster is anything to go by, the Spielberg-Jackson Tintin movie might actually be not such a bad idea.  But please, please, don’t screw this up…

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Hero Wear

DC-themed Converses ?  Great idea, bad execution!  Pretty neat tattoo, though (by Miss Jenn at Anchorage Tattoo). (Photos by Jessi EW and Quillope Jeffrey, respectively – via HeroChan)

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Times change

It’s been a while since Matt Novak of the excellent Paleofuture last updated his scrap blog, Older Than Me, but it still pays visiting it once in a while.  Among the last additions, I just descovered these gems, which only … Continue reading

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Finally, the story continues

Dan and Tom Heyerman of Pants Are Overrated just added their suggestion of what happened to Calvin and Hobbes after they went exploring. All I can say is, this is the closest I’ve known a tribute strip to be to … Continue reading

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Tintin shot first !

Forget your quibbling about whether Han shot first or not.  It was Tintin all along !  At least, that’s what Dan Hipp wants us to believe… (via the excellent Popped Culture.  Artwork © Dan Hipp, Tintin © Moulinsart 2011)

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