Finally, the story continues

Dan and Tom Heyerman of Pants Are Overrated just added their suggestion of what happened to Calvin and Hobbes after they went exploring. All I can say is, this is the closest I’ve known a tribute strip to be to the original thing, both in style and content (love the title, by the way, even though it only dawned on me after a while).  Click the image to read the whole thing – you won’t be disappointed !

(Calvin And Hobbes © Bill Watterson; Pants are Overrated © Dan and Tom Heyerman)


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One Response to Finally, the story continues

  1. Randy says:

    This is a great premise, and a wonderful idea. I haven’t read much about you or your site, but I just saw this in a link at
    and it instantly made my day better. would you please consider continuing these? I’m sure Bill Waterson would love to see the torch passed on and give his characters new life. I’ve been a fan of Calvin & Hobbes since I was 7. I have all the books and would love to have more stories to add on and show my kids.

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