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Marvel as they battle

While we wait for next year’s movie version of the Avengers, here’s Whoiseyvan‘s “pre-make” of the film from the fifties.  What if the movie version of these Marvel heroes was created before the actual comic books ? (Thanks, Mark)

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Adrian Tomine on online dating

Adrian Tomine provided this illustration for an article by in the July 4, 2011 issue of the New Yorker. (via Adrian Tomine News)

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Sandals ex machina

Judging from these campaign posters by the Africa agency from Brazil, these Rider sandals change the story !  Or, at least they steer you free from clichés. (via Ads of the World)

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Great art in advertising

I seem to have neglected my ad feeds recently, as I suddenly seem to be inundated with great illustration in print ads, as showcased at the most recent Cannes Lions Festival.  These were respectively created by Milx for Ogilvy Malasia … Continue reading

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Musical biographies

Illustrator Johan Strauss created these one-pager strips for a campaign on music biographies for Wordsworth Books, as devised by Saatchi & Saatchi South Africa.  I just hope that spotlighting these ads won’t get me into trouble the way the Hard … Continue reading

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The eye of the beholder

KIA motors wanted to promote a new feature in their cars, which allowed two sides of the car to have their own controled climate.  And so, Moma Propaganda of Sao Paulo, Brazil came up with these ads, which tell a … Continue reading

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Super-hero flags

I’m not really a fan (anymore) of super-hero themed design exercises, but these flags by Fabian Gonzalez (who also did the Super-hero Alphabet a while back) are rather fun.  They almost make me curious for super-hero scouting badges, to be … Continue reading

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Norah is a Shroederette

This magnificent poster for a Norah Jones concert was conceived and created by cartoonist and music illustrator Matt Leunig.  Prints are available !

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Save the Hammerhead

Les Requins Marteaux, one of the most excellent independent publishers in France, is slowly dying.  Please help support quality comics even if you don’t understand the language, and buy some of their books.  You won’t regret it.

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Good Comic + Mash = Better Comic

Two comic mash-ups made my day recently.  The Nietzsche Family Circus, which combines quotes from Friedrich Nietzsche with random Family Circus cartoons, and @Peanutweeter, which does about the same with fragments from Peanuts and assorted real-life tweets.  Splendid ! (via … Continue reading

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