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The Alternative Laika

On the occasion of Big Planet Comics‘ 30th anniversary, Nick Abadzis is doing some pretty crazy alternative endings to his award-winning graphic novel Laika (which is great in itself, too!).  Go, look ! (artwork © Nick Abadzis, 2011)

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Batman equation

This way, science is cool.  Even though I don’t understand half of it. (via Reddit, which also provides more background)

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Rube Goldberg in the Photo Studio

There’s always room for one more Rube Goldberg machine, especially if it’s centred around a theme like this one. It’s got everything – even the OK Go ! guys, and a rolling cog !

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Tintin previews get better and better

Earlier this week a new trailer was released for The Secret Of The Unicorn, the Spielberg-Jackson movie based on two of the best Tintin books around. Even though some of the scenes in the trailer are hopefully not the final … Continue reading

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