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Atlas Robot

I got this hilarious Charles Atlas parody from an anonymous benefactor.  I believe it was printed in a very early issue of 2000 AD.  And it’s still very funny.

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Rubenfeld Mixes the Masters

American cartoonist and illustrator Jesse Rubenfeld likes to mess around with famous works of art by infusing them with references to superheroes and other staples of mainstream comics.  I’m quite impressed with the way he is able to emulate the original’s … Continue reading

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In style with comics

It’s been just over a year since Air France asked cartoonist Marisa Acocella Marchetto (Cancer Vixen) for an illustration for its New Yorker ads.  Online shoe store Zappos made the right decision to follow that example for their ad in the latest … Continue reading

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Amazing Catwoman portrait in Lego

Don’t be mistaken, this is not a reproduction of Darwyn Cooke’s Catwoman. Mark Anderson did this line art portrait completely in Lego.  Just check out the detail photos on its Flickr page for proof.  This is, obviously, très amazing. (via … Continue reading

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The Zen of Steve

Financial magazine Forbes is currently preparing The Zen Of Steve Jobs, a 60-page graphic novel exploring Apple founder and guro Jobs’ “design aesthetic, his religion, his ability to identify what he needs and his willingness to leave the rest behind”.  … Continue reading

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Comics that teach

In an effort to create awareness amongst young people about the dangers of diabetes, Learning About Diabetes, Inc. has created two comic books which illustrate the symptoms of the illness, and how eating right can help reduce the risk.  The … Continue reading

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See Sparky Draw

Watch Charles Schulz draw Charlie Brown in this fragment from the never-released documentary, A Boy Named Charlie Brown. © Peanuts Worldwide LLC

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Nanoblock comics

Christopher Tan is a Nanoblock enthusiast who regularly posts new comics-based designs on his Facebook page.  These models are typically a quarter of the size of comparable Lego designs, and I think they’re pretty cute.

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Manga fire hazard warnings

The ever-classy Retronaut has gathered a number of classic fire hazard warning posters featuring equally classic manga characters (I guess, with my limited knowledge of manga…)

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Dominoes tell stories

In this series of ads for Domino’s Pizza, the traditional game of dominoes is used to actually tell the story.  Very inventive, and it reminded me a little of Scott McCloud’s Carl comics. (via Ads of the World)

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