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Classics Illustrated

In their first ever comics feature, At Length magazine presents five literary classics, as interpreted by five contemporary cartoonists.  Kevin Cannon hops on the idea of fitting everything in the screen of a smartphone.  Pascal Girard struggles with the whole … Continue reading

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Modern living with Rube Goldberg

Joseph Herscher has quite an inventive way to turn the page of the newspaper he’s reading, all by taking a sip of his coffee.  Goldberg is alive ! More info at the New York Times website.

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Michigan Tech, 2006

Calvin has an education. (via Reddit)

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Peanuts Road Safety

Found this on Reddit.  I’ve seen devices like these before, but this is the first time that features Peanuts characters in a Beatles stylee.  Nice.

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Super still does it

Two hands pulling a suit and tie apart, revealing a diamond-shaped emblem – it never ceases to work.  The latest culprit is the Washington Post Express Night Out. (Thanks, Mike)

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Theme Time Explained

Who knew that the poster Jaime Hernandez created for Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour actually illustrated the show’s introduction ? This movie shows it all.

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