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For boys and girls

Kreml covers the spectrum. (via Vintage Ads)

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London luxury bakery Cakehole is quite savvy : they’re on Twitter, they have a Pinterest page (even though there’s not much on there) and they know their cartoonists.  They asked dessinatrice extraordinaire Ellen Lindner to provide them with illustrations to … Continue reading

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Your shoes are OK

Dan Clowes OK Soda shoelaces.   Even in the 90s, it doesn’t get much more ephemere than that. (via Blog Flume)

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Explainers a la McDonnell

Here’s a recent Mutts strip, paying hommage to Jules Feiffer‘s inimitable (and insufferable) eplainers. (click the image for a larger version – Mutts 2012 © Patrick McDonnell)

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Lego heroes

Lego never fails to present awesome ads, referencing well-known elements from popular culture.  The iconic nature of the BD characters used here is that great that it’s probably not even necessary to tell who they are (but you can cheat … Continue reading

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Copyright ? Yeah, right !

In the above screenshot (click for a larger version), compare the text in the left screen (taken from a blogpost about Flemish illustrator Ray Gilles that I wrote in 2008) and the one in the right screen (taken from this … Continue reading

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Speaks for itself

I like this ad, because it uses speech balloons in quite a few different levels.  And for more autobiographical reasons. (Illustration by Gustavo Victorino — from Ads of the World, which has more)

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You’re made of bricks, Charlie Brown

A few months ago, we gazed in awe at Mark Anderson’s rendering of Darwyn Cooke’s Catwoman, using only Lego bricks.  Over on his site, Mark has been at it again, only this time his subject is everybody’s favorite neurotic kid, … Continue reading

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Tintin plays for Barcelona

Yesterday’s Champions League duel between FC Barcelona and Bayern Leverkusen was promoted by Barça Toons with this short clip.   Which is not only nicely done, it also contains Tintin !

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Bubble ? Balloon ?

When looking for a good word for the grapheme that denotes speech in comics (i.e. a good alternative for my native Dutch “tekstballon”), I decided on word balloon.  But I’m still not sure whether speech bubble isn’t a better one. … Continue reading

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