99 Ways to Sonify a story

Every week Marc Weidenbaum of the excellent Disquiet music website throws a sonic challenge to his audience under the monicker Disquiet Junto.  Musicians are asked to come up with an original composition based on a number of fixed constraints.

Marc is also quite active in the world of alternative comics, and what better way to join the two then by asking the Junto participants to present an equivalent in sound of the template story from Matt Madden‘s seminal 99 Ways To Tell A Story ?

At the time of writing, eight contributions have been posted to the project’s page, ranging from a quite literal translation as a loop of sound effects to an impression of what the basic sound of the different rooms in the story would be.  My favorite, however is the quite Lynchian Kind Of Stew (included above), which only adds to the alienating aspect of reading the 99 stories back to back.

Be sure to check back often during the week for more strange but wonderful sounds !

(artwork © 2004 Matt Madden; All rights reserved)

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