New Yorker goes Science Fiction

The June 4-11 double issue of the New Yorker Magazine is a scorcher.  The self-styled “Science fiction issue” features prose by Ursula K. Leguin, Jonathan Lethem, William Gibson, Margaret Atwood and more, and, to top it off, it sports a Daniel Clowes cover and an Adrian Tomine illustration in the back.  Wow!

(illustrations via the Drawn & Quarterly blog)

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4 Responses to New Yorker goes Science Fiction

  1. Well, I guess it’s Science Fiction, traditionally regarded as one of the “lowlier” genres, happily breaking through the walls and boundaries of the fine arts and civilised society. Laser pistols ftw!

  2. Greg Sandell says:

    Can you explain the joke (if there is one) of the cover drawing? I cannot figure it out. 🙂

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