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It’s a shop! It’s a comic!

This I like – a comics shop in Tokyo that actually looks like a comic. Butchers and bakers of the world, what are you waiting for! (via Herochan, which has more pictures)

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Heroes Like!

How do heroes like?  This is Batman, obviously (or so claims Jamie Calderon).  There’s more at Time Travel And Rocket-powered Apes.  

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Philip Paquet is all antsy

You can’t have enough Philip Paquet in your life.  The jazziest of all Belgian cartoonist is pretty busy these days, but you’ll probably miss these little illos that he did for a series of columns in the Flemish daily De … Continue reading

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Asterix at the beach

On our way back from holidays we passed through France and I couldn’t help but notice that Total was doing an Astérix-themed campaign in which you can save up for a set of rather garish beach towels.  Nevertheless, I had … Continue reading

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The history of comics in six panels

Leave it to Matt Madden to convincingly sum up the evolution of American comics in a six-panel strip, that even makes sense out of context.  Matt made this as an illustration for a rather excellent article by Paul Lopes for … Continue reading

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