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Swarte is everywhere

I recently attended an underwater hockey championship that my son took part in. Underwater hockey is not really a spectator sport, so I was quite lucky to find that the Wisselaar swimming pool in Breda (The Netherlands) boasts a monumental … Continue reading

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Terry Gilliam’s Comic Past

Holly Gilliam, the daughter of Monty Python member and general genius Terry Gilliam, has taken the task upon her to bring order in her father’s massive (and massively chaotic) archive.  On her Discovering Dad blog, she occasionally posts interesting artifacts … Continue reading

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Ware nails that first day feeling

For the cover of its September 17 issue, the New Yorker magazine chose to celebrate the first day of the new school year.  Who better than Chris Ware to depict the fundamental despair and  angst that schroud that glorious occasion? … Continue reading

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Vintage Kirby

I’m not really that fond of what is generally considered as typical Jack Kirby, with its intergalactic superheroes and ever-present Kirby Krackle.  This illustration, from the April 1941 issue of the Uncanny Stories pulp magazine, also shows Kirby’s ability to … Continue reading

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Sarah in Angouleme

During her period as artist-in-residence in Angouleme, at least in France the Comic Capital of the World, cartoonist Sarah Glidden discovers a dark page in the city’s history.  For the Jewish Quarterly she tells the story of a city on … Continue reading

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Comics in the courtroom

Lawyer Bob Kohn was asked to summarize a 25-page brief on a mere 5 pages.  His solution was no less than remarkable : together with artist Julia Alekseyeva he created a short story in comic format to drive his message home. The … Continue reading

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