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Swarte’s look back at 60

Joost Swarte provided a pretty sweet illustration in this weekend’s New York Times, for a reader’s letter about the relativity of the midlife crisis. (with thanks to Mike R.)    

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Alan Moore, Supreme Wizard

Over on CBR, Brazilian cartoonist Caio Oliveira mixes up Doctor Strange some with the Bearded One’s public persona to come up with this quite remarkable satire.  Be sure to check his Marvel Pulp Fiction mashup stories on his DeviantArt portfolio – they’re … Continue reading

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The horror! The horror!

Time Travel and Rocket-powered Apes digged up these Kirby-in-the-movies mashups by Nick Perks. They’re pretty neat, even for non-believers.

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Don’t blink – you have a comic before you know it…

This is how easy it is to use a comic in an ad. Ticiana coffee is ready fast. How fast? One panel fast. (Artwork by Gustas, via Ads of the World)

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Cartoonists need good material

I totally dig these ads for Nataraj pencils. They illustrate the necessity of a good bonded lead pencil, but they do it in a way that adds story to the drawing. And the cartooning (by CV Saju) is top notch! … Continue reading

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Portuguese classic cartoonists on stamps

Last year the Portugal Post Office issued a series of stamps celebrating classic Portuguese cartoonists. I haven’t seen the sheet myself, but from what I can gather, it’s a beauty. Sadly, shipping from Portugal is a pain.  If there’s anybody … Continue reading

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How the batcave got its dinosaur

We finally know the back story to Batman’s dinosaur, thanks to Kerry Callen. Now for the giant penny!  

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