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Superhero roundup

Super heroes continue to prove themselves as a powerful metaphor in advertising.  Just a few examples from the past few months, gathered together from blogs, websites and feeds.  

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Amnesty : Let them fear you speak up

This poster for Amnesty International has been out for a while now, but I only came across it today. I like the way the speech bubble’s shape is transformed into something very tangible, and fearsome.

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Everyday awesomeness by Jack Davis

Jack Davis doing a Mad-style fold-in in an ad for Kit Kats – nothing unusual in another issue of Cartoon Network Presents in 1997. And there are those who say that comics in the late 90’s weren’t awesome.

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No medicinal odor in the 50’s!

In the 1950’s you were expected to smell clean, but not too clean if you wante dto be popular (from Big Town, #23).

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Vittel by Sempé

What do you do when you are a producer of French table water, and you want to promote your brand as being better than the rest, and at the same time, well, quintessentially French? You turn to the Frenchest of … Continue reading

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Dress Up Your Bowie With Baeken

When David Bowie announced a new album after ten years of silence, a feeding frenzy broke out among the presserati.  Flemish daily De Morgen this weekend contributed to the looking-back-and-looking-forward action with an article about Bowie’s outfits throughout his carreer … Continue reading

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More cartoon ads

Two more ads from Anthro, with the one for Uniroyal tyres featuring art by the inimitable Jack Davis. The art in the Corgi Toys ad sly disguising itself as a bona fide cartoon (above) is also quite familiar, but I … Continue reading

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It’s Terrific! It’s Ideal!

These vintage cartoon ads for Ideal toys appeared in the 1968 run of the Anthro comic.

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Told ya!

This cartoon ad from the early 1980’s (it appeared in the very first issue of Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld – don’t ask) has some very good advice for anyone dealing with kids : don’t try to tell them what they … Continue reading

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Secret identities revealed!

Twaggies is a series of comics illustrating interesting, funny or plainly weird tweets. It originated at, but has also been syndicated for a while now. Originally illustrated by David Israel, it has now a whole slew of contributors. This … Continue reading

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