Lotta Value, Investment Hunter


Diversified holding company Loews wanted to be heard in the current investment news market as a sound opportunity for long-term returns.  They chose the form of a comic featuring Lotta Value, a corporate version of Lana Croft, flying, paragliding and lounging her way to the truth about Loews’ offerings.

I like it as an effort, and the semi-vintage art and coloring is not half bad, but overall it’s not really anything more than a spruced up PowerPoint presentation (albeit without an intro and a recap).

Oh, and before you decide to invest in Loews based on the comic (or the Ephemerist’s coverage of it), don’t forget that “you should read the annual, quarterly and other reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission by Loews Corporation and its subsidiaries, CNA Financial Corporation, Diamond Offshore Drilling, Inc., and Boardwalk Pipeline Partners, LP”

(via Mike)

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