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Mass Murderer of Steel

Judging from his Mass Murderer of Steel review-in-game-format, I guess Kyle Baker didn’t care much for the last part of Man of Steel…

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Clowes does Chicago

If you (or Chicago Magazine) ask what Chicago means to Dan Clowes, you get this. Get the fully annotated version at the magazine’s website. (via The Beat)

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Comedy Central Goes Mad For Fold-in

Oh, golly, it’s another Mad Fold-in hommage! These are from a campaign for Comedy Central in Argentina, encouraging you to combine the two images to complete the logo. Even if the resulting image is quite zany (and not really funny), … Continue reading

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Adventure Tintin!

Words fail me. This is silly, and at the same time, what would this be like on TV? Ah, ponderings! (art by Mike Holmes, via Tom)

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Eat French Fries With Joost

If the Joost Swarte Blog is to be believed, nothing is safe from Swarte’s urge to redesign and illustrate. Take this van, for example, selling french fries on cultural events in and around Haarlem. Oh, Joost, must you be so … Continue reading

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More comics and facial hair (or lack thereof)

Here’s yet one more advertising campaing for men’s grooming products featuring comics references. This time Schick threatens to tackle V’s iconic moustache.

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A comic book for the blind

How do you translate an explicitly visual medium for people who can’t see? You can’t just print a comic with embossed detail – the picture would become too chaotic and the sequence of the pictures would be too hard to … Continue reading

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