A comic book for the blind


How do you translate an explicitly visual medium for people who can’t see? You can’t just print a comic with embossed detail – the picture would become too chaotic and the sequence of the pictures would be too hard to follow.

Danish designer Phillipp Meyer took it upon himself to create a comic that would be perfectly readable for blind people. In the process of doing so, he learned that he had to stick to simple shapes, that he needed more frames to represent a single action, and that the frames should be as clear as possible. Also, as the readability of dialog in comics depends greatly on the careful positioning of the balloons, the comic had to be silent.

On his website, Meyer gives a fascinating account on how he went about essentially creating a new visual language, paradoxically aimed at people who are visually impaired.

The result can only be called a success - “People started creating a love story out of these circles in simple boxes,”  Meyer told Wired, “It’s really fascinating.”



third fade

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