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As regular readers of this here little blog will probably know by now, one of the more geeky aspects of my obsession with comics is the fact that I collect comics-themed post stamps. If you are too young to know what post stamps are (in these days of internet and mobile phones) ask somebody your dad’s age.

The bar for my collection albums is set pretty high – you need to be able to remain on top of things. That means : (almost) no Disney or animation, no vanity stamps, no exotic nice pictures (sorry, Guinée, Mongolia, Madagascar, …) and no “related material” (cancellations, pamphlets, what have you). Which is not to say that if people are kind enough to contribute to the collection, their gifts are accepted with grace and gratitude.

I’ve been going at it off and on for about twenty years now, and I think I’ve at least been able to get a good overview of what’s available. I’ve seen countries do great issues for years on end, only to suddenly end; I’ve seen others try for three years and just quit, and I’ve seen small and unassuming issues out of the blue from countries you wouldn’t expect them from.

So, starting tomorrow, I’m going to bring you the ten best stamps I’ve been able to track down. I’ll try to add some reference numbers if I can track them down. And if you are interested in starting your own collection, here’s some good links to start :

  • One of the best places to start looking is, of course, Ebay. They have a steady stream of good items for sale, and quite often at competitive prices. However, always check whether the stamp you want to buy isn’t a recent issue, in which case it’s often cheaper to check out the original postal authority’s own website.
  • The Dutch site Postbeeld has a very elaborate comics category section, and their delivery is pretty punctual.
  • Eastern Europe and certain African nations are covered by Neofila. Prices are very reasonable, and you get a very personal service.
  • Finally, is a rather niche auction site, which often has an interesting range of comics-related material. As you are amongst specalists here, prices may be a little steeper than usual.

A lot of text, for this blog anyway. Less talk, more pictures tomorrow!

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