Johnny And Anny update!


No less than five years ago I posted the (almost) complete scan of the vintage Flemish comic Johnny And Anny And The Secret Of The Devil’s Pit by Renaat Demoen. I scanned it from my mother’s copy, who in her days literally read it to shreds. As a result, I didn’t have the last few pages.

Recently, thanks to my mum and dad, I came across an excellent bound set of the 1949 run of Zonneland, the magazine that the comic originally ran in, which contained the final pages of the story.  And so I can now finally present to you, the final four pages of this gripping story. Enjoy!

(oh, and if you want to read back, this may be a good place to start)

IMG_4837 IMG_4838 IMG_4839

(This page was printed in black and white, as the issue it appeared in was a special issue dedicated to Pope Pius XII. As it featured a lot of photographs, a different printing method had to be applied, on different paper, which ruled out the colours typically used in Zonneland)


As a bonus, in the April 3rd, 1949 issue, this announcement was published for the next Johny And Annie story, the Wizard’s Staff, which started later that year. As soon as i have the full run of that story, I’ll post it as well.


Also, in the next issue (april 10) the album edition of the Secret of the Devil’s Pit was announced. 25 Francs may sound like a bargain, but it still was a lot more than your average album at that time.  Still, it was in full colour!


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