Canada Post Superman Stamps on Pre-order


Because this year is the 75th anniversary of Superman, and since Supes has a heritage that is at least Canadian, Canada Post is issuing a set of stamps on September 10 celebrating Superman’s image throughout the years.

The five stamps show Superman as he appeared in 1939 (by Joe Shuster), 1945 (Wayne Boring), 1971 (Neal Adams), 2004 (Jim Lee) and 2012 (Kenneth Rocafort). They are sold in sheets of 10 (2 of each stamp in booklets with covers by Shuster, Lee, Rocafort and Jim Giordano. A separate stamp with the iconic “S” logo is sold in “coils” of 75, one for each year of Superman’s existence. For both issues FDCs are available as well.

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The Canada Post site is currently accepting pre-orders for all issues, but only for addresses within the Canadian territories.

Click on for more pictures of these issues.

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(all images © 2013 Canada Post Corporation. Superman TM & © DC Comics)

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