Twinkies, Bitch!


This strip by Brendan Tobin is perfect on so many levels. For one, it nails the type of awkward scenario that comics heroes found them in in these Twinkies ads, while at the same time keeping the tone of the characters true to form. Also, it nails the essence of the Breaking Bad mythos, i.e. the relationship between the magician and his apprentice in their Cave of Wizardry.

The artwork is of its time, and the copy just groans with bad puns. And finally, just imagine the storyline if Walter White started a business with super sweet and super addictive cakes, selling them in Gus Fring’s restaurants but getting sued over sugar content, all the while still making meth? Yeah, that’d be awesome.

(artwork © Brendan Tobin, via Matthew Southworth on Facebook)

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  1. Sevensheaven says:

    Briljant! Jammer dat de laatste Breaking Bad aflevering nabij is.

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