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Horrocks goes down

Dylan Horrocks and System of A Down – now there are two names I’d never dream of seeing in one sentence? But still, the creator of one of the most literate (or at least bookish) comics of the past decennia, … Continue reading

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Conz does death

Flemish cartoonist Constantijn “Conz” van Cauwenberge posted this rather Koan-like strip on Facebook, much to the bewilderment of his readers. I kinda like its poetic minimalism, plus the fact that he didn’t just rearranged the panels for the second page…

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The 20 stages of reading

Like mourning, reading can take on many guises, evolving over time. Or so says Lynda Barry, one of the writers present at the National Book Festival (Sept. 21-22) in this special strip in the Washington Post. (via Mike)

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Not so super now

Even the superest of superheroes sometimes has an off-day. William Wray seems to catch them when they are most unaware of an audience, when they are just in the middle of the daily drudge, or when they simply lack the … Continue reading

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How to wear your foulard

Have you ever found yourself buying a scarf and wondering how to wear it except as a casually thrown wrap around your throat? Well, wonder no more, as Belgian fashion label Clinch and equally Belgian cartoonist Brecht Evens are here … Continue reading

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A Fairy Tale of Batman

Mauricio Abril created an original Batman story with over 200 black and white panels, set to the sound of Muse’s Knights Of Cydonia. It’s an incredible feat, and the story follows the song’s rhythm and mood changes in an amazing … Continue reading

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Clark Kent is a German Car?

Leave it to totally clueless ad agencies to compare the most recent development in car technology (Vorsprung durch Technik, no less) with a 1970’s visualisation of the nerdiest Superhero alter ego ever. Get back to your cocktails, guys.  

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Nancy doesn’t litter

Nancy is helping the city of Nashville in battling littering. And outs herself as a Nashville resident in the process.

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Under cover by Abel

It’s always nice to see cartoonists design covers for “normal” books. Case in point : Jessica Abel created the cover illustration for the hardback edition of My Education, the latest novel by Susan Choi. And a fine job she did, … Continue reading

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Another New Yorker, Another Tomine

Adrian Tomine has provided another beautiful cover for the New Yorker magazine, this time drawing from his own experience as a life long big city renter.  The Cover Story blog has more background.

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