Find Sinterklaas With Pieter De Poortere


In the runup to the yearly visit of Sinterklaas (the Dutch and Flemish version of Santa Claus, who visits every year on December 5) Pieter de Poortere created this child-friendly version of his famous Where’s Wally-like pictures. The illustration is used in an online game presented by telecom provider Telenet, challenging their clients to find the Sint and win tickets for a special show in Antwerp.

The illustration is riddled with Antwerp landmarks, such as the port, the Steen castle, the cathedral and even the traditional traffic jams on the ring road. In fact, some of the animals from the national Zoo seem to have escaped (which reminded me of this).

You’ll look in vain for the Sint himself in this version of the image (even when you click it to see it in all its glory), since it is only the background to the game – if you want to play, head to the Snap site. Good luck!

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