Free Alan Moore Comic…


… that is, a free comic about celebrated comics writer and mage Alan Moore. To coincide with the bearded one’s 60th birthday, Gary Spencer Millidge has reworked his comic An Extraordinary Gentleman (originally conceived for Moore’s fiftieth). Thanks to the good people at Panel Nine, purveyor of excellent digital comics by the likes of David Lloyd and Eddie Campbell, you can download it to your iDevice iPad for free.

That is, provided you run iOS 6 or higher. Yes, that’s right, here’s a publisher of digital comics that actually opts to limit its potential reach as much as possible : not only is the Sequential platform not available on Android, it only works on iPads, and even then only if they run iOS 6.  Basically, you only want to reach a maximum of 25% of devices (sources : 1, 2, 3).

Millidge, incidentally, is also the writer of the rather excellent biography, Alan Moore, Storyteller, which is available in all bookstores worth their mettle. On paper.

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