Belgian comics post stamps 2014


For this year, the Belgian Post Office is planning three comics-themed issues, it appears from an overview on philately site Philandria (try finding these on the official BPost site, though).

Two of them are fairly plain, in my opinion. There is the traditional Tintin issue, which this time features a sheet of 10 self-adhesive stamps showing ten (or eleven, if you count the Thompsons as two) characters from Hergé’s comics series. It would seem that the powers that be have chosen not only to always show the same characters, but even pick the same particular poses as well. As a result there’s a clear difference in style between General Alcazar and Tintin or Haddock, and is the Castafiore illustration much more detailed than the Snowy one. — Oh well.

18 Petit Spirou feuille NEW

Next, it would seem that the Philatelie Jeunesse series is still going strong, this year with a quite cute Petit Spirou issue that will be available as a sheet of 10 with a special added illustration (as was the case in most of the recent issues in this series).

17 LE MONDE DU TRAIN zfeuille OK

And then finally, the one that I expect the most from : a new issue by François Schuiten, elaborating on his fascination with trains that he also showed in his 2012 graphic novel La Douce and in a special stamp by the Belgian Rail Corporation in the same year.

No information as to when any of these will actually be available.

(all images © BPost)

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