Watterson draws again, for once


Elusive cartoon superstar Bill Watterson, celebrated creator of Calvin and Hobbes and very much off the radar since that strip’s demise, clearly hasn’t lost his touch. He created the poster for the new documentary Stripped, a feature-length love song to the medium of newspaper cartoons, and at the same time a lament at its current situation.

Watterson had done a voice-only interview with webcartoonist and documentary maker Dave Kellett, and when Kellett asked him to do the poster for the film, he decided not to refuse.

The poster is Watterson’s only work of art that has been released to the public since he closed the books on Calvin and Hobbes in 1995. Previously, he made a portrait of Richard Thompson’s character Petey, for Thompson’s fundraising project for Alzheimer’s research.

Stripped will be released on DVD, as an HD download and in streaming formats from early April

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