Young Andy Capp



While browsing through a bound volume of the seminal Flemish comics weekly KZV from 1956, I came across this strip by Reg Smythe, created a few years before he went on and became extremely successful with his Andy Capp strip.

KZV was founded in 1945, and would be the first magazine to publish work by Flemish cartoonists like Bob De Moor, Jan Waterschoot, or Ray Goossens. Towards the end of its run (publication would seize after this volume) KZV only ran imported comics like Frédéric-Antonin Breysse’s Oscar Hamel et Isidore, Dino Battaglia’s Mark Fury, Rusty Riley by Frank Godwin (here renamed to Jack Riley for some reason), and Tarzan by Dick Van Buren and John Celardo, along with features on fast cars, sports and craft projects for “good girls”. And this little gem, by Reg Smythe…

Sadly, I have been unable to find any information on this strip, where it was originally published or even what it was called. The strip was originally published in the Junior Mirror, as Junior. An example can be found here. If you know any more, do get in touch.

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2 Responses to Young Andy Capp

  1. John Freeman says:

    These strips were first published in the Daily Mirror in the mid 1950s. I don’t think there’s any connection with Andy Capp. “Buster” – the title character of Buster comic, first published in the early 1960s – was originally supposed to have been Andy Capp’s son, but that link was always quite tenuous as I recall. I think Andy is probably too lazy to have children!

  2. sparehed says:

    Thanks for your comment, John. I agree the title of the post was quite tenuous, but I never aimed at real veracity here.

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