Supergirl is a baker


Recently Flemish chef extraordinaire Kobe Desramaults opened a new place in Ghent. Superette offers sandwiches and salads that are a little more down to earth than the culinary experiments he presents in his restaurant In De Wulf, but are nevertheless astoundingly delicious.

Superette is also above all the laboratory for baker Sarah Lemke, who came from the US to complement Desramaults’ palette of tastes with honest, old-fashioned, tasty bread, the fruit of locally resourced ingredients, a traditional wood oven and a lot of passion. She is Supergirl with a baker’s apron, and so Superette’s bread bags proudly sport an image of the girl from Krypton holding a baker’s peel. Why she’s astride a giant wild boar, I’m not really sure.

(And with that we are picking up with the blog where we left it some two months ago. Our apologies if we kept you waiting; things have been quite hectic at our end. Thanks for coming back to see if somehow we had managed to post something new. We won’t let you down 😉

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