Brecht Evens Paints Tintin


In their literary supplement, the Flemish daily De Morgen is currently running a weekly series of short essays on literary figures that were based on actual people. Each time Brecht Evens provided a fantastic piece of art to go with the essay.

In the past, subjects included Hugo Claus, Albert Camus and F. Scott Fitzgerald, but this week’s installment was particularly interesting for comics (and ephemera) enthusiast. The article focuses on Tintin creator Hergé’s brother, Paul Rémi, and he was the inspiration for many of the features and character traits of Hergé’s most famous creation. for Brecht Evens, that was enough to create a magnificent smorgasbord of all things Tintin, with references to almost every book, that is still very much his own in its coloring and fluent lines.

(illustration © Brecht Evens)

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