Reddy Goose


Even though I’m very interested in vintage promotional comics, I’d never heard of the series Reddy Goose before. Apparently, 16 of these were published between 1958 and 1962 by Red Goose Shoes, a brand of the International Shoe Company. This particular book was the fifth in the series and contains a very enjoyable little animal adventure.

Just like with the Smilin’ Ed books that the Brown Shoe Company had started to publish that same year, each book contained a complete story and information on how to pick the right shoes. The Reddy Goose books, however, only counted 20 pages (vs. 36 pages in the case of Smilin’ Ed), with only one story.

The books were producted by Western Printing, in itself best known for the Little Golden Books and the first series of Walt Disney Comics and Stories. I haven’t been able to track down information on who created the artwork or the stories in the books.

Scanning was provided by Narfstar. Enjoy!

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