McNaught on the spirit after Christmas


The Boxing Day edition of the Washington Post reported on the state of affairs after the frenzy of Christmas is over. British artist Jon McNaught provided a few quite poignant  and sad illustrations.

As one of the readers remarks, this piece forgets that Christmas is a period, not a day. Much though I get a bit nauseous with the whole thing on December 26, come New Year’s Day I’m all a-yearning for the jolly that was Christmas.  But that does not take anything away from the powerfulness of Jon’s pictures.

(illustrations © Jon McNaught for the Washington Post)

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5 Responses to McNaught on the spirit after Christmas

  1. mikerhode says:

    Wim, Does he do comics too?

  2. wmlbrown says:

    Because there just aren’t any good Washington DC area illustrators?

  3. @Mike – he’s done a few books with Nobrow, and also some contributions to anthologies. A list is on his site.

  4. I’m not really familiar with the Post’s editorial policy when it comes to illustrators. McNaught has worked with the NY Times and others in the past, though.

  5. mikerhode says:

    Bill Brown is a cartoonist who does a strip called Citizen Bill. It began as President Bill in the Washington City Paper more years ago than we care to recall. Bill works in a faux-woodcut style. Google him.

    I was able to rescue the McNaught pages from the recycling, thank you.

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