The balloon is the message


Clearly W Radio was inspired by Marshall McLuhan’s famous quote, “The medium is the message”. Depending on the subject that you are talking about, your speech balloon changes. However, what your message is, is unclear for the moment.

(Via Ads of the World)

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One Response to The balloon is the message

  1. Some of us were discussing the “Global Warming” example on Facebook, and it seemed a very clumsy and inexact visual metaphor: “Speech is melting?” “Shouldn’t it be the Earth?” But seeing all of these together makes me re-think my initial response. As part of this larger campaign, I think it actually works pretty well. I can imagine a row of these on a train or bus, and them having a pretty clear message and impact when taken aggregately. As a one-off, the global warming one would work least well; but as part of this group, I think it’s just fine.

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